Press Conference on Oval Office Meeting

The Ambassador’s Opening Statement
Press Conference on Oval Office Meeting

December 6, 2023


Good morning. Thank you for joining me today for the chance to talk with you all about President Lourenco’s meeting with President Biden last Thursday in the Oval Office.

This meeting caps off a truly historic year of engagement and partnership with Angola that coincides with the 30-year anniversary of diplomatic ties.

It is a profound transformation in our relationship.  And that owes in part to President Lourenço’s leadership and vision and in part to the Biden-Harris administration’s considerable commitment to invest in this partnership through high-level engagements, major infrastructure and economic deals, and collaboration across a range of global and regional priorities.

As President Biden said, “partnership between Angola and America is more important and more impactful than ever.”

And last week’s meeting was an opportunity to talk about the future of the U.S.-Angola partnership:

  • Lobito: This includes the more than $1 billion of investment in the transformative Lobito Corridor – the biggest rail investment in U.S. history in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Energy: It also includes the over $2 billion in investment for solar energy projects and our commitment to hosting an Energy Security Dialogue next year.
  • Infrastructure: On infrastructure they discussed U.S. investment and financing to build more than 180 bridges in rural areas.
  • Digital: In the realm of Digital Economy, the leaders discussed helping connect Angolans to the digital economy, for example through our Digital Dinheiro e Melhor (DDM) program with Africell.
  • Agriculture: And in agriculture and food security, discussed efforts to support Angola’s goal of becoming a net food exporter by 2027 through investments in the sector, particularly along the Lobito Corridor.
  • Regional Security: Lastly, they presidents spoke about our critical work together to address regional security challenges.  President Biden commended President Lourenco’s diplomatic leadership, including working toward peace in eastern DRC.

During the visit, President Biden was excited to announce that Angola signed the Artemis Accords, a set of principles which promote a common vision of peaceful space exploration for the benefit of humanity. In doing so, Angola became the third African country to do so – reflecting the progress of Angola’s space program and the potential for future cooperation.

This extraordinarily successful meeting between the U.S. and Angolan presidents reflects the Biden administration’s commitment to engaging our African partners on our shared priorities.

As President Biden said, “America is all in on Africa. And we’re all in with Angola”.