500 Angolan Women Receive Literacy Diplomas

On August 7, 2015, more than 500 Angolan women in Ndalatando, Kwanza Norte Province, received their diplomas for participating in a two-year USAID-funded literacy course, provided through the Basic Education – Triumphant Women and Youth Project.  This ongoing project, implemented by Alfalit Angola, aims to provide literacy training to 9,000 Angolans, including women in Luanda, Kwanza Norte and Malange Provinces, by September 2016.  Through this project, USAID/Angola supports the Government of the Republic of Angola’s (GRA) National Development Plan that envisions the elimination of illiteracy in Angola by 2025.

During the graduation ceremony, Mr. Sebastião Manuel Abel, the Provincial Director of Education, Science, and Technology of Kwanza Norte Province, indicated that combating and eliminating illiteracy is only possible with the support and collaboration of different partners including USAID and churches.  The USAID/Angola Mission Director, Jason Fraser, who also attended the ceremony, lauded the GRA’s commitment to education as an investment in increasing human development indicators and advancing economic and sustainable growth in Angola.

USAID has committed $1.2 million to this project to increase access to adult education and professional competencies that will promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the country.  Since 2013, the Basic Education – Triumphant Women and Youth Project provided 5,600 Angolan women with adult literacy courses, enrolled 3,400 children in preschool, and distributed 48,000 textbooks and reading materials to first-time readers.  In 2015, 672 students (501 women and 171 men) enrolled in adult literacy courses in Kwanza Norte Province.