Ambassador Mushingi Meets MPLA Party






For Immediate Release                                                                       August 16, 2022

Statement after Ambassador’s Meeting with MPLA Political Bureau Secretary for International Relations Mr. Manuel Augusto

The United States has long worked to strengthen democracies and advance respect for human rights around the world.  To that aim, the Ambassador is meeting with each of the presidential parties who are represented in the National Assembly. Today, Ambassador Mushingi met with Mr. Mr. Manuel Augusto, MPLA Political Bureau Secretary for International Relations to learn more about his vision for Angola. In a democracy, we like to hear from all voices to understand the diverse perspectives that each party brings to the table.

We believe strong democracies result in more peaceful, prosperous, and stable nations. Democracies also make stronger partners for the United States, as we work together to address the world’s most pressing international challenges, from combating the climate crisis to preventing the next pandemic.

“In the face of the sustained and alarming challenges to democracy and universal human rights around the world, more than ever, democracy needs champions.” President Joe Biden said last December. The U.S. Embassy supports the democratic process in Angola and encourages all political voices to contribute to free, fair, and transparent elections this August.

For more information, please contact the Public Affairs Sections of the US Embassy at 923-284-117 or 222-641-134 and speak to Phil Nelo, Press Specialist.