Ambassador Princeton N. Lyman Visits to Discuss Strengthening Peacekeeping Cooperation between UN and AU on the Continent

The Embassy of the United States of America has the pleasure to announce that on September 10, 2015, Ambassador Princeton N. Lyman will visit Angola.

Ambassador Lyman was appointed on August 24 to advance the development of a new partnership between the United Nations and Africa Union. This initiative seeks to improve collaboration between the UN and AU in operations for peace and stability.  In advance of the world leaders’ summit on peacekeeping to be held in New York, Ambassador Lyman will discuss the initiative with Angolan counterparts. Central to the dialogue will be the possibility for a joint AU-UN peacekeeping support office.

As President Obama said during his July visit to the African Union headquarters, “Building on commitments that originated here in the AU, [the U.S.] will work to develop a new partnership between the UN and the AU that can provide reliable support for AU peace operations.”  The United States values the African Union’s increased leadership and political will to respond to African conflicts, and is committed to strengthening the African Union’s institutional capacity to launch and support peacekeeping operations, as well as increasing interoperability among African Union states during peacekeeping deployments.