Angola exports to the USA for the first time through AGOA and with the support of USAID

The Angola company FoodCare Lda sended for the first time a container of Angolan food products to the US. The company benefited from technical assistance provided by the USG through USAID to access the US market for the first time utilizing AGOA preferences. Bellow is the Remarks for Mea Arnold, DCM for US Embassy Luanda, Angola. 

Foodcare Send Off  

Date: September 21, 2023 

Venue: Centro Logistico de Luanda 

  • President of the AIPEX Board of Directors, Mr. Lello Francisco  
  • Distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen; 
  • Members of Press  

 Good morning,  

 It is my pleasure to join you today for an event that showcases the initiative of a local Angolan firm, Foodcare, and the results of that company’s partnership with the US Government through USAID. Foodcare has partnered with USAID since 2021 to help strengthen their market competitiveness, link to American buyers, and take advantage of AGOA preferences, laying the foundation for the milestone we celebrate today.  The African Growth and Opportunity Act, more commonly known as AGOA, provides eligible sub-Saharan African countries with duty-free access to the U.S. market for over 1,800 agricultural products. By providing new market opportunities, AGOA has helped bolster economic growth, promoted economic and political reform, and improved U.S. economic relations with Africa. The USG, through USAID, is helping Southern African countries take advantage of AGOA preferences through a $31 million regional program that offers African firms like Foodcare technical assistance and business support to access the US market.  

Trade is essential for economic growth and plays a pivotal role in meeting Angola’s goal of greater economic diversification. The jobs generated from increasing exports will improve livelihoods and have an impact on reducing poverty. 

Trade between Angola and the United States has historically played a significant role in both economies, with exports from Angola to the United States dominated by crude petroleum, diamonds, and petroleum gas. However, the value of Angolan exports of agricultural goods to the United States remains small. Now is the time to advance economic diversification through trade and investing in the agri-business sector shows great promise. 

This is why the USG is supporting the agriculture sector in Angola, and why we are committed to boosting trade and US investment on the continent.  We will continue to work with Angolan firms that aspire to one day expand their business overseas, and export their products to the U.S.. While our support is currently focused on the agribusiness sector, we look forward to broadening to more sectors in the future.  I am confident that Foodcare is just the first of many Angolan firms who will see the advantage of utilizing AGOA opportunities and partnering with USAID to advance their business goals.  

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has made possible today’s milestone, the first of many shipments of goods from Foodcare and other Angolan firms to the United States.  

Thank you.