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Internet Transport Services for U.S Embassy Luanda 62Mbps

The United States Embassy in Luanda, Angola, is soliciting internet access pricing for 62Mbps. A symmetrical Internet connection allowing upload and download data transfers simultaneously at the same speed. A minimum of four public routable addresses from their IP table. This requires a masking block from subnet of /29. It shall not be filtered or blocked for any IPSEC port or protocols.

Please provide costing information in the following format:

a) Installation costs
b) Annual cost
c) Applicable tax costs and other fees
d) Equipment cost – if necessary – to support a minimum of 1Gbps internet bandwidth

The U.S Embassy intends to award a Purchase Order to the company who accepts and meet USG Purchase Order terms and conditions.

This request for quotation will be open to proposals during 10 business days starting from the date of this announcement 05/05/21

Questions can be sent by E-mail to or by phone 244 222 641 038 / 222 641 044 / 222 641 042

U.S Luanda Embassy Procurement Office