Conference on Intellectual Property Rights

Around 135 Angolan creators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen participated in the second annual conference on Intellectual Property Rights, under the theme “Women and Intellectual Property: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity, which took place at the Palacio de Ferro, July 27.  The Economic Officer at the United States Embassy Mr. Logan Council delivered the opening remarks, noting that the United States has always been a nation of innovators, and we will continue to avidly advocate for the growth and protection of Intellectual Property, both at home and abroad. Mr. Council, also highlighted that we need to recognize the important role of women in intellectual property, being catalyst in accelerating innovation and creativity. This event was organized by the American Spaces of the U.S Embassy, in partnership with the Association of Copyright and Related Rights – Associação Unica dos Direitos de Autor e Conexos (AUDAC), the Angolan patent and trademark office (IAPI), the Angolan Copyright office (SENADIAC), Palácio de Ferro, SMARCA, UNAC-S.A, Portão and ONART.