Grants and Funding Opportunities

The U.S. Embassy to Angola and Sao Tome and Principe is pleased to request proposals for funding opportunities available throughout the year. Please select the opportunity of interest and follow all instructions carefully.  


FundingOpportunityTitle: Promoting Press Freedom in Angola

Total Amount Available: $250,000

Anticipated Program Start Date: October1,2023


The U.S.Embassy to Angola and Sao Tome e Principe in Luanda is pleased to announce the availability of an open competition funding opportunity to carry out a project seeking to support an open media environment and to diversify media voices in remote areas of Angola. The project aims to respond to journalists requests to improve skills related to the scope and quality of investigative reporting on issues such as corruption, human rights, and social inclusion. The project will build the capacity of journalists through training in technical areas such as investigative journalism, use of digital media, and strategies for reaching populations in remote parts of the country, which often only have access to state-affiliated media sources.

The project will  also teach techniques to empower journalist advocacy toward government and regulatory bodies for a more open press environment.

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Funding Opportunity Title: Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders Promoting Democratic Values and Inclusion

Total Amount Available: $130,000


The U.S.Embassy to Angola and Sao Tome e Principe in Luanda is pleased to announce the availability of an open competition funding opportunity to carry out a project to promote and model democratic ideals and values to the large Sao To meet Principe (STP) youth population, leading them to become more involved in local communities and become catalysts for positive change and promotion of mutual respect. The project also seeks to foster greater participation in government and civil society by women, leading to greater gender balance in future leader ship roles. This project should complement and build upon prior and ongoing work in these areas by international organizations, or non-governmental organizations(NGOs),but ideally would seek to meet challenges not currently being addressed by other projects. STP leaders have cited a need for trainings on values and democratic principles in order to increase the skill set of potential future leaders. This project seeks to create a program that uses dialogues, sports, and civic activities aimed at STP’s large youth population as a mechanism for encouraging values such as: respecting

others, valuing education, fundamental democratic principles, and advocating for increased inclusion of women in government leadership roles and democratic processes. In July 2022 STP’s National Assembly unanimously passed the Political Parity Law which provides for a minimum of 40% of seats in elected bodies and cabinet positions be reserved for women, but women elected to leadership positions in 2022 legislative elections fell considerably short of this goal. The project seeks to work with women leaders in government and civil society to develop advocacy programs and an out reach and education campaign fostering greater involvement of women in government roles and democratic processes.