Local Grant Program

1 Annual Program Statement (Deadline: July 7, 2017; 23:59, WAT – West African Time)

Local grants are intended for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, and academic institutions. Local grant proposals must have a connection to American culture and values or should be directed to increasing understanding in Angola of American culture and society. Proposals should also be related to one or more of the following U.S. Embassy priorities: Encourage participation in democratic processes; Improve Economic Growth, Trade and Investment between the U.S. and Angola; Reinforce Mutual Understanding between the U.S. and Angola; and Build Communication Capacity. Click on the hyperlink above for the full notice of funding opportunity.

2 Health TechCamp Angola (Deadline: July 21, 2017; 23:59, WAT – West African Time)

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Luanda, Angola seeks proposals to provide logistical support to plan and host the “Health TechCamp Angola” in September 2017 in Luanda, Angola. This TechCamp aims to improve and expand sharing of public health information about vector-borne diseases, including Zika and Yellow Fever, through strengthening existing networks and connections of public health officials and communicators across Angola. The program will facilitate the co-creation of software solutions that enable interoperability (i.e. automated health information exchange) between Health Information System (HIS) platforms currently deployed in Angola for more effective integrated disease surveillance and response. This three-day program will bring together key Angolan Ministry of Health officers, key members of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, public health experts, and tech entrepreneurs familiar with the existing systems. The TechCamp will also kick start the process of developing a national HIS strategy and enterprise architecture as roadmaps for scaling these platforms. Click on the hyperlink above for the full notice of funding opportunity.