Candidates Qualifications

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars are highly competitive. Ideal candidates have firm plans to enhance, update or develop courses or educational materials with a U.S. studies focus or component, or have special interest in one or more of the thematic subject areas as demonstrated through past scholarship, accomplishments, and professional duties.

Ideal candidates are experienced scholars and professionals, generally from institutions of higher education or research focused organizations (not-for-profits, think tanks, etc.).  While the educational level of participants will vary, most should have graduate degrees and/or have substantial knowledge of the thematic area of the Institute or a related field.  All candidates should be willing and able to fully take part in an intensive post-graduate level academic program and study tour.

Ideal candidates will have little or no prior experience in the United States.

Candidates must demonstrate English language fluency.  Institutes are rigorous and demanding programs; participants will be expected to handle substantial reading assignments in English and to fully and actively participate in all seminar and panel discussions.  English fluency is vital to a successful experience in the Institute.