Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Section is responsible for the Embassy’s media relations and educational and cultural exchange programs. The Public Affairs Section works closely with Angolan professional, governmental, educational, and cultural institutions and individuals to promote dialogue and sustained interchange between the U.S. and Angola.

The Public Affairs Section provides information about the U.S., including policy statements by high-ranking U.S. government officials, and information about American politics, foreign policy, business and trade, education and culture.

The Public Affairs Section administers a range of exchange programs, including the Fulbright Scholarship Program, the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, the International Visitor Program, the Voluntary Visitor Program, and American Studies Summer Institutes.

The Public Affairs Section also works to strengthen English language ability in Angola by offering semi-annual conferences for Angola’s English language teachers and serving as a source of materials for many of the English programs in Angola. In addition, the Section sends a number of Angolan school administrators and English teachers to the U.S. each year for training and runs an English Language Resource Center, which is a library for English language teachers that offers access to various resources for use on-site, as well as a variety of books and audio cassettes for sale.

The Educational Advising Center of the Public Affairs Section promotes study in the United States by actively assisting Angolans who would like to study at American colleges and universities. The center has a large reference collection with extensive information and an Educational Advisor who offers individual and group counseling.

The Information Resource Center of the Public Affairs Section sends monthly mailings on policy issues, as well as providing information on the United States and U.S. policies in response to requests.