HEALTH ALERT: U.S. Embassy, Luanda

The U.S. Embassy is organizing an Ethiopian Airlines flight that will depart Luanda directly for Washington, D.C. on April 9.

Assuming a full flight, the cost per traveler will be approximately $2000, but the final cost will depend on the number of confirmed travelers.  For travelers who are concerned about price, as far as the Embassy is aware this flight will be the most economical way to return to the United States until commercial air travel resumes. Travelers are responsible for making their own arrangements for travel from Washington, D.C. to their final destination.

Confirmation of this flight will depend on whether we are able to meet a minimum number of passengers necessary to make the flight viable.  In order to reserve a seat on the flight, please email as soon as possible, no later than Sunday, April 5.

Passengers will be able to pay for their tickets with U.S. credit cards. Instructions will be provided once we have met the number of travelers needed to confirm the flight.  Repatriation loans may be available for those U.S. citizens who would like to travel but are unable to pay for their tickets.

The Angolan borders remain closed and there are very few flights departing.  The Embassy is also aware of a charter flight leaving Luanda on April 6 for Lisbon and another unconfirmed flight leaving April 4 for London.  The Embassy is not involved in the planning of these flights and passengers who are interested would need to arrange their own ticketing.  Please contact us at for more information.