Partners for Progress: U.S. Independence Day Celebration

Ambassador Mushingi highlights U.S.- Angola Partnership in welcome remarks

Remarks as prepared for U.S. Ambassador to Angola, Dr. Tulinabo Mushingi

Your Excellencies Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Fellow Americans
Distinguished Guests
Good Afternoon

My thanks to Banda Weya for the music, and to Aisia Casanova for the interpretation of our national anthems, the Embassy Marines for the presentation of the colors! A round of applause, please.

My Embassy staff, my wife Rebecca and I, are pleased to welcome you to our first in-person celebration of America’s Independence since 2019. It is a joy to see many of our American and Angolan colleagues whose work represents the vast scope of opportunities that benefit our two countries and peoples. Ladies and Gentlemen, Together we are partners for progress.

The United States of America is proud to stand with Angola as together we continue to build more prosperous, secure, and democratic societies.

A warm welcome to our guests from the Angolan government.  From fighting COVID-19 to working on regional and maritime security to improving conditions to attract American business to Angola, our strategic partnership continues to strengthen.

Despite travel limitations during the pandemic, last year we hosted in Angola the Deputy Secretary of State, the Under Secretary of the Treasury, the Commander of the United States Africa Command, two delegations of Congressional leaders.  In Washington, we had President Lourençço, Minister of State Furtado, Foreign Minister Tete António, and other working visits by other Angolan leaders to build new opportunities. Ladies and Gentlemen, our two governments are indeed partners for progress.

My priority is to see many American companies established in Angola.  Thank you to our generous sponsors for this event. American companies like Chevron and ExxonMobil, with decades of presence in Angola, and newcomers like Africell, Quanten, and Sun Africa, bring quality, technology, training, American know-how, transparency, and new jobs. Through initiatives such as expanding access to affordable, cleaner energy, and lowering mobile phone service costs, these companies are building a better tomorrow for Americans and Angolans- truly you are partners for progress.

The United States also continues to support Angola’s efforts to eliminate corruption, prosecute those who have misappropriated the country’s resources, and increase transparency and accountability.  Our work with prosecutors, bankers, the Ministry of Finance, and civil society aims to help create a business environment that gives investors confidence.  This will help Angola achieve its goal of diversifying the economy and, more importantly, creating jobs for the Angolan people. We are partners for progress in building a more inclusive society.

From the first US Navy ship visit to Angola in 2014, through the successful joint military exercises and training in March and April, to the May visit by the US Commander for Africa, our security cooperation continues to grow. By working together, we will create a more secure Angola and Atlantic Region – we are partners for progress on peace and stability.

For two decades, the United States and Angola have joined forces to fight malaria and HIV/AIDS, decreasing malaria deaths by 20% in supported provinces.  The United States has donated more than 9 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and invested $25 million to ensure that the vaccine reaches more Angolans. Together, we are building a stronger, healthier Angola – we are partners for progress in health.

The July 4th holiday celebrates the universal human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Our old democracy in the United States is still very much a work in progress: we are constantly working to build our “more perfect union” – just as many of you are doing in Angola today.

2022 is an important year for Angola.  In April Angolans celebrated two decades of peace – of replacing rifles, tanks, and land mines with pens, plows, and iPhones. Next month Angolans will go to the polls.  We urge all eligible voters to participate freely in the process in a peaceful and transparent manner. And after all the votes have been counted, let us remember that winners and losers are all sons and daughters of Angola who contributed to the future of the country by participating in the electoral process.

Our dream is to realize what former President Abraham Lincoln said: “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The United States of America is proud to stand with Angola as together we continue to build more prosperous, secure, and democratic societies.

Let us continue to move forward together as partners for progress. Long live the cooperation between the United States of America and Angola.

May God Bless you all.

And now a toast: To the People of the United States and the People of Angola

Saude – Cheers!