Death of a U.S. Citizen

In the event of the death of an U.S. citizen in Angola, please contact the U.S. Embassy. If no family members are present, the Consular Section will contact the next of kin in the U.S. The Consular Section can assist family members in making arrangements for the disposition of the remains. Please be advised that no U.S. government funds are available to cover any of the expenses involved. We will also issue a Consular Report of Death Abroad, which is an official document that can be used in the U.S. to settle all legal matters relating to the deceased’s estate and insurance. In order to issue a Consular Report of Death, an Angolan Death Certificate is required. For more information on Death Abroad access the State Department website.

If the family wishes to send the remains to the United States, please be aware that the process for preparing and returning remains to the U.S. is complex and may be expensive. The family of the deceased is responsible for all costs. For more information please check the Disposition of Remains Report for Angola below.

Please see list of funeral homes (PDF 115 KB)

Please ask the funeral home not to make any arrangements regarding disposition of remains until it receives instructions from the family or the Embassy.

The following general information is provided to assist families in making initial decisions. Indicated costs are estimates, based on deaths with no unusual circumstances, and should be considered as guides only. Click the below link.

Disposition of Remains (PDF 138 KB)