U.S. strengthens Maritime security cooperation with Angola

The U.S. Embassy in Luanda is pleased to announce the visit to Angola of the United States the military ship Navial Ship (USNS) Spearhead ,that has come Angola  to exchange experience and naval training activities on board with Angolan counterparts. The visit of five (5) days starting on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 .

Thus, the US Embassy and the crew of the ship USNS Spearhead have the great pleasure to invite the media to cover a weeknight to Angolan authorities, foreign governments and private companies to be held on board the vessel, on March 4,17 pm, in the Port of Luanda facilities .

To this end, we call on the media, interested to cover the event, please confirm the names of reporters who wish to send to the event until March 2, 15 hours. Moreover, reporters should be at the door carry the ID card, driving license or passport for identification, plus the service pass.

The reception aboard the USNS Spearhead military ship is to join multiple ministries, foreign governments and organizations, and private companies that have an interest and a role to play in strengthening maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.

The ship USNS Spearhead is halfway of posting four months on the West Coast of Africa. During this first phase of deployment, the ship USNS Spearhead, with marines on board, from the United States, United Kingdom and Spain, was conducting a military training for Marine of Cape Verde, Senegal, Ghana, and this week is with the Navy Angolan war. After leaving Angola, the ship and his team will start its second deployment phase to support two years in the Gulf of Guinea, which will be based on the training mentioned above with 11 Marine War, including Angola .

For more information, please contact Mr. Manuel Mungongo ” Phil Nelo,” Press Secretary and Programs of the U.S. Embassy in Luanda, by dialing: 923-284-117 e 222-641-134 by e-mail: mungongomx@state.gov.