United States Government Provides Additional Usd 11.1 Million For Humanitarian Demining And Weapons Stockpile Management In Angola

The Government of the United States of America is pleased to announce an additional USD 11.1 million for new humanitarian demining and weapons stockpile management projects in Angola.  With increased funding in 2020, the United States has now contributed over USD 145 million for these efforts in Angola since 1995.  The United States remains the largest bilateral donor for humanitarian demining in Angola, and strongly supports the Government of Angola’s goal to safely clear all minefields in the country by 2025.

As Ambassador Nina Marie Fite said, “Twenty-five years of committed U.S. support for humanitarian demining has resulted in the destruction of over 218,000 landmines and other explosive hazards and the safe return of over 463 square kilometers of land to the people of Angola.”  The additional investment will build on decades of a close U.S.- Angola partnership and will include:

  • USD 8.6 million in funding to support humanitarian demining by the HALO Trust (HALO) and to expand the operational capacity of the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Fourteen demining teams will clear high-priority minefields and former battle areas in the provinces of Bié, Cuando Cubango, and Moxico.  Operations in Cuando Cubango will focus on the Okavango River Basin.  Overall, the projects aim to return over 4.2 square kilometers of land to productive use and destroy over 9,600 explosive hazards, which will benefit the safety and security of over 48,000 Angolans.
  • USD 2.5 million in funding for weapons stockpile management programs to support the partnership between the Angolan security forces, HALO, and MAG to destroy obsolete weapons, explosives, and ammunition and upgrade the physical security of munitions depots.  These projects will rehabilitate and construct 16 storage facilities and train storekeepers to safeguard weapons, avoid accidents, and prevent illicit actors from accessing these weapons.  Since 2006, the United States has supported the destruction of 107,900 excess small arms and light weapons and over 588 metric ton of obsolete and excess ammunition to increase the safety of Angolan citizens.

U.S. assistance has supported humanitarian demining and weapons stockpile management to destroy excess weapons and ammunition, bolster Angola’s role as an exporter of regional security, and ensure the safety of the Angolan people.

U.S. assistance also directly supports the development of economic opportunities by promoting conditions to support economic growth in Angola, including support for ecotourism in the Okavango Delta region, and other investment opportunities.

As the world leader in conventional weapons destruction, the United States has invested more than USD 3.7 billion in over 100 countries since 1993 to advance security, stability, and economic development priorities.  To learn more about the United States’ global conventional weapons destruction efforts, please see our annual report, To Walk the Earth in Safety, and follow us on Twitter @StateDeptPM.

For more information, contact the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Luanda through pressluanda@state.gov  or call Mr. Manuel Mungongo at 222-641-134 or 923-284-117.