U.S. Government’s Initiative for Global Vaccine Access (Global VAX) to Partner with Angola Ministry of Health to Boost COVID-19 Vaccination

May 05, 2022

The United States Government has provided a surge of resources to Angola through the Initiative for Global Vaccine Access, or Global VAX, a U.S. Government effort to turn COVID-19 vaccines in vials into vaccinations in arms. As part of this effort, the U.S. Government has programed $25.36 million specifically for Angola. This funding supports activities that bolster delivery of vaccines, increase vaccine awareness and demand, provide technical assistance, and increase access through mobile campaigns. This supports Angola’s existing vaccination plans and is helping to get vaccines to people quickly and equitably. The Global VAX funds are in addition to the over 8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines donated to Angola by the U.S. Government.

Global VAX is designed to meet the global goal to vaccinate 70 percent of the world population against COVID-19 in 2022. Global VAX provides surge support and resources to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines for an initial group of countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including Angola. This builds on President Biden’s commitment to donate more than 1.2 billion vaccine doses around the world by the end of 2022 and intensifies efforts to get shots in arms. To date, the U.S. has committed $1.7 billion to support vaccine readiness work.

As Dr. Tulinabo Mushingo, US Ambassador to Angola, said “COVID-19 has demonstrated how health can also be a security challenge. The US is proud to be the largest donor of COVID-19 vaccines to Angola, providing more than 8 million doses of vaccines to the Ministry of Health for the Angolan people, in addition to more than USD 38 million in assistance, medical supplements and formation. This is just the latest chapter in our long-standing support to the Angolan health sector over the past 20 years. These more than USD 25 million in emergency assistance through the new US Global Vaccine Access Initiative – Global VAX – will support the Angolan government’s efforts to accelerate access to COVID-19 vaccines in Angola.”

The additional Global VAX resources strategically align with the Ministry of Health’s ongoing efforts and help accelerate the national COVID-19 vaccination plan. The U.S. Government and its partners work closely with Angola’s National Public Health department to bolster local health systems and help increase vaccine access among vulnerable and difficult-to-reach populations.

Assisting with the promotion of a healthier Angola is a priority for the U.S. Government.  Of the approximately $1.48 billion in USG assistance to Angola over the last 25 years, over $613 million was devoted to addressing health.  Our health investments have focused on malaria, HIV, COVID-19, family planning, and nutrition.  To assist the Government of Angola in responding to COVID-19, we have devoted resources and technical assistance towards improving labs, strengthening response capacity, communication, and information dissemination, providing clean water in vulnerable communities, providing safety equipment, and supporting military hospitals.